Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So now that I've pretty much brought things up to date, here are a few observations on Life down Under:

FOOD:  All food in Australia has something in common: it all tastes the bloomin' same. There is too much of it, and it tends to make one very fat very quickly. On the other hand, it is all local produce, and the prices do encourage one to plan ahead and pack some Tucker for one's lunch every day.

MISERY RATING (out of 5):    :( :( :(

CLOTHING:  The kindest thing that I can say about Aussie fashion is as little as possible. But when I start yearning for my own wardrobe to arrive, I remind myself that it contains at least one pair of cords, two pairs of loafers, and far too many cardigans. With this in mind, and since the Fashion here tends to evoke more Mirth than Misery, I'm going to award a very satisfactory



We love having our kids at the same school, and we love the sun hats that are compulsory. On the other hand, within a week of their starting, Jen began spying at kids at another school just because she thought that they may be more our sort of people. We also had to contend with the strangeness that defines which years they are in. A (10) is with kids some of whom are a year older and others who are more than a year younger; N (7) is just about right, whereas Z (5) is with kids more than a year older.The kids' names are also a source of amusement. Gone are the Ollies and Harrys, Sofias and Olivias that haunt London schools. In come the Jacksons, Mitchells, Halles and Harpers. Pure Class. And then we have the Language issue. This very day, Jen was taken to one side by  Z's teacher, and told that he had used inappropriate language. The expression he had used: 'Holy Mackerel'. My reaction to being told this:
'For %@$£s sake, get a @%%ing life'.

MISERY RATING:   :(  :(  :(

More to follow tomorrow

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